Hookah Lounge and Bar
Hookava is Reno’s premier hookah lounge with a wide variety of offerings.  At our location we have a vast selection of shisha flavors and signature blends brought to you fresh in your parties personal hooka.  No need to worry, we have plenty of hookahs to go around.  We also offer an assortment of snacks and beverages (for both our 18+ guests and our 21+ guests).  We are located in the heart of downtown Reno at 395 West 1st street, if you have any trouble finding us call (775) 324-4220. Our lounge offers a relaxing, comfortable place for you and your friends to come unwind after work, practice blowing those smoke rings, or just get out of the house to have a fun night out, and yes, we are open 7 nights a week!  Hookava will offer you a hookah experience that you won’t forget no matter what the occasion. 
On this site we also offer plenty of items for your hookah needs.  We sell and ship a wide variety of shisha flavors. We also have a range of hookahs in different sizes and colors that will meet any of your party needs, plus the accessories to go with it, such as tongs, coals, hose rubbers, and much, much more. While you’re here, don’t forget to get your Hookava apparel.    
If you have not been to Hookava, we are excited to have you join the Hookava culture. If you are already a part of our culture, we greatly love and appreciate all of you.